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Welcome to , your first, best destination for Reflexology in Tulsa, OK and the surrounding area. Our expert therapists can handle all of your massage and therapy needs in one place, ensuring that one simple visit will have you feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and ready to take on the world again.

We provide a complete range of Reflex massage therapies, including , treatments, , traditional s, specialized and menstrual massages. Our Reflexology massage therapy targets specific points in your body ideal to provide arthritis relief, depression relief, pain and stress relief, and a wide variety of other symptoms that can be easily remedied simply by encouraging your body's natural healing mechanisms.

Aware Alert Active Reflexology has comfortable facilities and more than 35 years of experience to provide healing and rejuvenating Reflex massage therapy for any situation. Our certified, licensed and bonded practitioner is committed to helping your body heal and to provide you with the vital energy you need to enjoy your life to the fullest. Contact Aware Alert Active Reflexology today and we'll give you a comprehensive description of all the services, facilities, and products we offer for helping you overcome pain and stress and enjoy life the way you were meant to.

Pain is a stressor in the body system and any injury that occurs to any part of the body will cause the whole system to be stressed. Endorphin is a body's natural pain-relieving chemical will be released as a response to reflexology. Endorphin teaches the body how to adapt to any injuries. Healing from any injuries comes from the role of reflexology.

Reflex Massage improves body health condition and well-being.


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